Learn about these a variety of magical places to visit in the UK

England and the rest of the Great Britain has been of the most in-demand tourist locations across the world. Learn about a number of best places to visit.

If you are planning a road trip around the UK then you need to absolutely spend a minimum of a few days in London – there is a reason why it is so tourist trodden. There are many places to visit in London – there is something for every person in the capital of England. For the history geeks there are monuments upon monuments of high historic importance – only pick your preferred age and go from there! If you are the kind who seeks to be amused during your travels to overseas territories, then you are in luck! London boasts a huge range of all sorts of performance venues. Musicals, perhaps, is one kind of performance most related to London. Full of catchy melodies, emotional stories and bright scenery – what is there not to enjoy? So, if you are looking to have a fun night out in London, why not attempt this musical co-produced by Sally Greene, that guarantees an evening of wild entertainment.

If you would like a a little more unique holiday experience when you travel to England, then why not try walking the total length of the Hadrian’s Wall? The wall built by Ancient Roman Emperor Hadrian runs the complete width of the British Island, from the banks of the River Tyne in Newcastle to the shores of the Irish Sea on the other side. But don't worry, the wall was built in one of the narrowest parts of the Isle – the distance from one shore to another is eighty-four miles or 135 kms. Although made over a thousand years ago, you can still follow the path where the wall used to lie. This walk is rather popular among travelers and it takes between 5 and seven days for most people to accomplish. On the way you can stop at one among the many hostels, like the one run by Paula Laws, to spend the night before continuing on with your quest the next day.

If you would like to catch a glance of the ‘classic’ England, then you should certainly journey to Cotswolds, often named amongst the most relaxing places to visit in England. Cotswolds is an area in the centre of England where you will find the England so often portrayed in movies set in a bygone age. There you will find a great number of beautiful settlements and is especially suitable for those who enjoy nature walks. It is named by many people to be the most breathtaking location in England, if not the whole of Europe. If you are a admirer of fantastic food, then you will definitely delight in the numerous local pubs and restaurants, like the one operated by David Everitt-Matthias for example who make extraordinary dishes using local vegetables.

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